Your Roadmap to the ELD Mandate

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The Importance of Total ELD Compliance

While the ELD Mandate went into effect several months ago, many transportation companies are still struggling to ensure total compliance. Navigating the complex regulation can be difficult especially since training is not mandatory, but having the right tools can help lead you to success.

So where do you start? Our new comprehensive roadmap to the ELD Mandate will help get your entire organization on track and in compliance.

Get Real-World Strategies for Your Organization

This comprehensive guide explains the regulatory aspects of the ELD Mandate, with articles designed to give your fleet’s drivers and back office personnel information about new policies and procedures related to the mandate.

From training to enforcement, you’ll get definitions of essential parts of the mandate, strategies for integrating ELD rules into your operations and even key differences between AOBRDs and ELDs.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll get:

  • Insights for successful training of your entire team - from drivers to office personnel
  • Strategies for updating your company policies
  • Definitions of important ELD-specific duty statuses
  • An understanding of how the ELD mandate will be enforced

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